About Us

Stuck On Every Word's Owner - Mrs. Charise Brown-Torres, started falling in love with fun, custom designs in 2015. She found a direct sale company and joined as an independent consultant but the company decided to no longer be a direct selling company and stopped selling all their great designs altogether.

In late 2016, she became pregnant with her daughter and wanted to design some cute onesies for her and so she did. She purchased the supplies and started designing cute Welcome to the World onesies for her bundle on the way.

In 2017, Stuck On Every Word was started by Charise. She came up with the business name because her designs are stuck on various surfaces such as glass, wood, canvas and so much more. Later that year she decided to focus on her pregnancy and set her company aside.
In late 2018 after she was married, her wife encouraged her to start Stuck On Every Word back up and she has been designing ever since. She enjoys making all kinds of great products for her, her family, her friends and her customers. Custom or predesigned gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays, home decor and just every day fun products.